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As part of version 4.2.0, multi-booking capability has been added along with few other minor changes. The system now supports multiple bookings on a single customer lead. New features have been added to Sales app as well as Dashboard to support multiple booking. 

Booking Flow:

Each sales agent (Sales app user) can create multiple bookings on a single lead using the Sales app. Each booking will go through an approval process before it is closed. After an agent creates a booking, it is sent for approval. Approval process has two levels of approvals: level 1 and level 2. Both level 1 and level 2 approvers get options to approve or reject the booking. If a booking gets rejected at any level, the bookings goes back to the creation stage, where agent can now edit booking info and send for approval again. And then the approval will start from level 1 ownwards.

Note: Any old bookings already present in the system, before this release, will be appear as "Auto-approved".

Lets understand, the complete process of creating multiple bookings and sending for approval.

Creating a booking:

1. A booking gets automatically created when a lead is pushed to Final Negotiation or Booking Done bucket.

2. More bookings can be created on leads in Booking Done bucket, from the lead details screen.

Registering co-applicants:

On a particular booking, multiple co-applicants can now be added. This can be done when editing booking info for a particular booking. Clicking on "Add co-applicant" and specific co-applicant's details like his name, PAN and Aadhaar details.

Note: Co-applicants can also be removed from the booking info.

Sending bookings for approval:

After bookings are created on the lead, each booking can be sent for approval after filling up all necessary information.

After a booking is sent for approval, its approval status is now visible on the screen.

If all the required information is not filled up in the booking info form, the booking will not be sent for approval and the screen will display a blocker message.

Note: 1. Bookings can be removed and cancelled after creation. No booking can be cancelled or removed during pending for approval state.

2. Once a booking is sent for approval, booking info cannot be edited further.

The status of approvals at each level are visible on the app, as soon as the booking is sent for approval.

Following are the different approval status for a booking:

Approving bookings:

Once a booking is sent for approval, both level 1 and level 2 approvers will receive email notifications. The listed approvers can login to Dashboard Bookings page and can view the status and approve or reject the booking. 

When approving or rejecting any booking, notes can also be added. 

Note: Approver can also attach more documents while approving a booking, for example, offiline booking form, booking checklist, etc.

All bookings created are visible on the Bookings page (Dashboard). On this page, bookings can be filtered by selecting different mandate, agent-wise, booking-status wise.

Bookings created on a lead can be viewed by clicking on the lead card. This opens lead details where all booking details are visible under the basic details tab.

To approve a booking, open booking details by clicking on "View Details" and scroll down to "Approve" or "Reject". Choose the particular option and submit with a specific note.

Note: Additional documents can be attached while approving the booking.

Add or remove approvers:

Approvers can be added or removed on a mandate from the mandate panel. Multiple users can be configured as approvers (both level 1 and level 2). 

Note: Approvers need not be dashboard users. If any approvers are not dashboard users, they'll directly land on the bookings page.

for example: Approver level 1 can be set as TL of the sales team and approver level 2 can be set as post-sales team TL.

Other changes on Dashboard and Sales App:

1. Calling primary and secondary numbers for a customer:

On the Sales app, single click on the call button on a lead card now gives option to call both the numbers.

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