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Since Exotel already has an agreement with Anarock. The terms and conditions will be extended to Anarock’s customers as well. There is no requirement to sign a different agreement with every new customer Anarock onboards. 

Number Ownership Transfer:

  • Exotel to Anarock 

Exotel will be issuing a no objection certificate {NOC} to Anarock or the entity involved in this activity. Once the NOC is issued by Exotel, the onus is on Anarock to coordinate with the operator’s POC to get the transfer done. 

Procedure for transferring the ownership of GSM numbers is as follows:


  • The ownership can be transferred from one company to the other either in the same circle or between circles
  • For inter-circle it calls for MNP. (Mobile Number porting)
  • The new company to which the ownership has to be transferred has to be enlisted with Vodafone/Airtel. If it is not, we first enlist it, then get the transfer done. It can be an SME/NC/VGE account basis yearly revenue of the company.
  • The docs required would be: CAF, PO, Auth certificate, Auth ID, company PAN, MCA, incorporation certificate, address proof, GST certificate, 2 photos and a NOC from Exotel.

Note as an example:

Exotel KAR no is to be transferred to an NC company based out of KAR. This would be done locally in the KAR circle. Exotel shall provide just the NOC and remaining docs from the new company. The circle BO shall then process and change the ownership within 10-15 working days.


  • Another case shall be Exotel KAR no is to be transferred to an NC company in another state. Same procedure, just that all the process will be done by State circle BO; hence TAT would be 15 working days since MNP would be involved.


  1. Exotel does not recommend transfer of ownership for any Virtual landline and Toll-free numbers. 
  2. Call forwarding on virtual numbers is applicable with any SIM card based numbers only i.e if a customer calls a SIM card based numbers and it is forwarded to an Exotel virtual number, it will be successful. 

Sharing support article and video  which will give you details on call forwarding option.

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