SD Registration Form- Customer Walk-In

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You will learn about:

1. SD Registration Form

1.1. Buyer Registration Details

1.2. Source Registration Details

2. SD Form Details In Lead Card (on Dashboard)

3. Accessing/Editing Lead Details In SD Registration Form

4. Registering New Site Visits

5. Accessing The SD Details

1. SD Registration Form

The Guest Relation Executive (GRE)/site register/receptionist at the site can use our Site Digitalization Portal to collect lead information during their site visits in real-time.


They can access the Site Visit Digitalization Form from to collect all the lead info. All the questions in the SD Form are fully customizable from the Mandates Setting.


The site registrar has the option to add the details of the customer by clicking on ‘Customer Self Check-In’ or ‘Channel Partner Visit’.

The registration form includes: Buyer Registration Details & Source Registration Details

1.1. Buyer Registration Details

1.1.1. Client Basic Details

  • Mobile number

  • Salutation

  • Name

  • Companion category

  • Email

1.1.2. Client’s Purchase Interest

  • Budget

  • Stay duration

  • Interested property type

  • Preferred property size & floor

  • Possession time

  • Purpose of Purchase

  • Mode of Payment

  • Expected Timeline to Buy

  • Vastu Preferences

  • Monthly rental preference

1.1.3. Current Occupied Property Details

  • Residence name

  • Area Pincode

  • Residence type

  • Residence type/size

1.1.4. Client’s Personal Details

  • Property purchase history

  • Gender

  • Age

  • NRI status

1.1.5. Client’s Professional Details

  • Occupation

  • Designation

  • Annual income

  • Industry office locality

1.1.6. Visit Details

Type of a sample flat that the client visited

Note: All the above questions are customizable and may vary from project to project.

1.2. Source Registration Details

1.2.1. Lead Source Category

  • Online

  • Offline

  • Referral

  • Channel Partner

  • Others


  • When selecting ‘Referral’, it is mandatory to add the following details:

    • Referrer’s Name

    • Referrer’s Phone Number

  • When selecting ‘Channel Partner’, it is mandatory to add the following details:

    • CP Source

    • CP Name

    • CP Phone Number

    • CP Firm Name

    • Rera ID

    • Whether CP accompanied the lead or not

2. SD Form Details In Lead Card

Details added in the SD Form automatically get updated to the lead card present in the dashboard. This gives everyone centralized access to all the lead information.

3. Accessing Or Editing Lead Details In The SD Registration Form

I. Login to


II. Click on the “Customer Self Check-In”.

III. Select the lead whose registration form you want to access or edit.

Alternatively, you can also filter lead listings by selecting a date range or event status at the top.


IV. Scroll down to the ‘Lead Details’ section & click on ‘Edit Info’ from the pop-up.

V. The ‘Registration Form’ will appear having all the details mentioned in the above section.


VI. Click on the checkboxes from various sections of the form according to the lead to update or edit the form.

VII. After updating the details, click on the ‘Done’ button to update the changes.

VIII. The changes made will reflect on the lead card in the Dashboard.

4. Registering For A New Site Visit


I. Login to


II. Click on the “Customer Self Check-In”.

III. Enter the mobile number & click on the ‘Register New Visit’ button. If the mobile number is unavailable then you can directly click on the ‘Register without mobile number’ button.


IV. The ‘Registration Form’ will appear having all the details.


V. Click on the checkboxes from various sections of the form according to the lead to update the requirement details. After adding all the details, click on the ‘Next’ button.


VI. Update the source registration details & click on the ‘Done’ button.

5. Accessing The SD Details

All the lead details captured through our SD portal will be stored in our dashboard and can be downloaded as a visit dump when required.

You can refer to the Lead Dump Download section from this doc to know how to download the SD details from the dashboard.

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