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1. Legal entity

2. Steps to add a legal entity & SPOC

2.1. Adding legal entity

2.2. Adding SPOC details

2.3. Important points to consider

3. Things to know

1. Legal Entity

You have to tag a legal SPOC team of the developers while creating an invoice. For every developer, you can create & tag one or more legal entities. 

After setting up the developer in the dashboard, you will get the option to add legal entities and the POC of that developer. You can only add a legal entity when you have access to the finance role as a “legal_entity_creator” from the system.

2. Steps to Add a Legal Entity

2.1. Adding legal entity

I. Go to the dashboard with the link:

II. Select the developer or click on ‘Create New Developer’ to add a new developer.


- If you are creating a new developer, the option to add ‘legal entity’ will not appear till the time the developer is tagged in the mandate panel.

- To tag the developer, visit this link. Click on the ‘Edit’ from the respective mandates. Select the created developer under ‘Developer Details’.

- Moreover, even if the developer is tagged at the mandate panel, you can only add a legal entity when you have the access to the finance role.

III. Click on the “Add Legal Entity”.

IV. Add all the relevant details in the pop-up. 

Legal entity details:

- Legal entity name

- SAP ID- Take SAP ID from the finance team. The SAP client id is unique for every legal entity.

- Legal Entity Address

- Pincode

- City

- Place of Supply (Indian State)

- Pan Number*

- GST Number*

- Tan Number*

- Rera Number*- You can add more than 1 Rera number

2.2. Adding SPOC details (optional)

You can add more than 1 SPOC for every legal entity.

SPOC details:

- SPOC person name

- Mobile number

- Designation

- Email

2.3. Important points to consider

I. Once all the details are filled in the pop-up, you can either send the details for approval or directly save them.

II. If the user is from the finance team, then after sending for approval, it will get automatically approved. 

III. If separate legal teams are created, then it can be sent to the finance team for approval.

IV. Once it is saved, it will appear in the legal entity details section in the mandates section.

3. Things you Should Know

I. For one developer, there can be multiple legal entities.

II. The option to add ‘Legal Entity’ will only appear to the users having ‘finance role’ access.

III. For every legal entity, you can add 1 or more Rera Numbers.

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