What you can learn in this article:             
  1. Navigate to the Reimbursement section in the app Incoming calls
  2. Create a new reimbursement request
    • Conveyance bill submission
    • Phone bill submission
    • Other bill submission
  3. Reimbursement workflow
  4. Viewing reimbursements
  5. Video demonstration - submitting reimbursement requests
  6. FAQs

Navigating to the Reimbursement section


The Expense Reimbursements page can be accessed from the ‘Profile’ section in the Sales app, and the ‘Reimbursements’ section in the Dashboard for Leads and Finance teams.

Creating a reimbursement request

Reimbursement types

  • Conveyance: Select this option for reimbursement for commute when meeting clients, channel partners, or any
    other third-party working on behalf of the client.
  • Phone: Select this option when requesting reimbursement for mobile phone bill.
  • Other: Use this option when requesting reimbursement for Staff Entertainment or other expenses (besides conveyance) incurred when working with the client.


Conveyance bill submission

Remarks: While not mandatory, it's extremely useful to mention details of the expense here for seamless approval.

Submit: This moves the reimbursement request to the next stage - team lead approval.

Phone bill submission

Other bill submission

Reimbursement workflow

Reimbursement workflow

Both, the team lead, and the finance team can:

  • Edit the amount in the submission and then approve (the agent will be able to see the changes made in the app).
  • Reject the reimbursement request and refer back to the agent.

A rejected bill can be resubmitted with updated details.

Viewing reimbursements

Video demonstration - submitting reimbursement requests:

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