Uploading leads using CSV

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Navigate to:

1. Prepare data for uploading

2. Upload CSV file

3. Errors

Prepare data for uploading


  1. In the leads tab, navigate to the 'Upload CSV button' and download CSV format

  2. After downloading the sample format, open the format to add leads data.

    About the columns:
    1. Name, country_code, phone, email and note: These need to filled up according to lead data.
    2. Channel_group, channel_source, sub_source, project_id:  For filling these columns, valid list can be downloaded for reference. Refer to screenshot below on how to download these lists.

    3. Agent_email: This should be a valid email of any agent already assigned in this project.

Mandatory fields in CSV: name, country_code, phone.

Non-mandatory fields in CSV: email, note, channel_group, channel_source, sub_source, placement, project_id, agent_email.

Note: Make sure the CSV you upload is in exactly the same format as the downloaded sample. Do not change the title of each column.

Upload CSV File

In the drop-down that appears, select Upload leads CSV, and click on Upload File on the next screen that appears.

This opens the OS explorer where you can select the CSV file you wish to upload. Make sure the CSV file is compliant with the standard format the dashboard accepts.

You can add the source and sub-source information in the CSV file or leave it blank. While uploading the lead you can select the source/sub-source and the leads with no information will get uploaded with the source selected in this step. Leads where a specific source and/or sub-source are mentioned in the CSV file, they will be uploaded to that particular source and sub-source only.

4. You can add the agent email ids against each lead while uploading the lead. Also if you want to distribute the leads equally among the agents then the agent email id can be left blank in the CSV and you can select the agents to who you want to assign these leads. The system in this case will distribute equally among the selected agents. 

If everything went right, you should see this message that the upload was successful and leads have been added from the CSV.

The leads will now be visible in the destination you chose.


A few commonly encountered errors are:

  • CSV format is incompatible - mostly due to changes to the format
  • Duplicate leads - this happens when you're trying to upload leads already present in the system
  • Incorrect project id, source, sub-source, and channel- information.
  • You are trying to assign leads to an agent in a project where is he not added.

When the upload wasn't successful (for one or more leads), you'll see this message:

Clicking on Download Errors will download a Notepad text file that has the error messages. For duplicate lead, you'll see the message "Duplicate CSV lead found with id <existing lead id>".

Navigate to Format -> Word Wrap to make sure the entire text is visible in a single viewport.

Fix the errors and attempt re-uploading the file, while removing leads that were successfully uploaded.

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