Bookings page gives you access to 

•    View booking details

•    Approve/reject bookings

•    Filter bookings on status/agents

Bookings Page

All the leads on which bookings have been created by agents using the sales app, are visible here. This page displays cards for each lead and details of the latest bookings created. 

Note: In case of multi-booking, users can click on the lead card to see details of all the bookings of that lead.

Lead card  

Lead card displays all important booking information for each lead. For more information, click on lead card to view details 

Lead Details

  • Lead details can be accessed by clicking on any lead card.
  • Apart from the complete history and basic details of the lead, all the bookings are visible here.
  • Each booking displays
    • A unique booking id
    • Date of booking creation can also be seen
    • Booking status
  • For more details of booking and or approving and rejecting the booking, click on 'View details'

Booking Details

On clicking 'View details' on any booking of a lead, booking details can be seen. It displays the complete information about the booking created its booking status and status history. 

Authorized booking approvers for level 1 and level 2 can also approve or reject booking from here. 


Approve or Reject Booking



From the booking details, authorized level 1 and level 2 approvers can approve or reject the booking. On rejection, at both level 1 and level 2, the booking will go back to the sales agent and he needs to send it again for approval.



Leads on which bookings have been created, can be filtered using the following filters

  • Mandate Filter: Leads from the chosen mandate are only displayed.
  • Agent Filter: Leads can also be filtered based on who the lead is assigned to.
  •  Booking Status Filter: Leads can also be filtered based on the status of their bookings. Bookings can have the following status:
    • Newly Created
    • Awaiting at level 1
    • Rejected at level 1
    • Awaiting at level 2
    • Rejected at level 2
    • Approved at level 2
  • Booking Date Filter: Leads can be filtered based on when the first booking was created on the lead.
  • Name, Email ID, Lead ID, Phone No: Leads can also be filtered on these basic details of lead.

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