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Navigate to:

1. Steps To Access Bookings Tab

2. Booking Card

3. Lead Details

4. Booking Details

5. Steps To Create A New Booking

6. Approve Or Reject Booking

7. Download Bookings Dump

8. Filters & Search

1. Steps To Access Bookings Tab

- Login to the Dashboard.

- Click on the Hamburger menu.

- Tap on the Bookings option in the left sidebar.

All the leads on which bookings have been created by agents using the sales app are visible here. This page displays cards for each lead and details of the latest bookings created. 

Note: In the case of multi-booking, bookings are listed together encased in an outer box with the lead name.

2. Booking Card

The lead card displays all important booking information for each lead. For more information, click on the lead card to view more details.

3. Lead Details

- Lead details can be accessed by clicking on any lead card.

- Apart from the complete history and basic details of the lead, all the booking details are visible here.

- Each booking displays:

  • Unique booking ID
  • The date of booking creation
  • Name of the agent who has completed the booking
  • Booking status
  • Edit Booking option
  • View Details option

- Click on 'View details' to view more details of booking and/or approve and reject the booking.

- Click on edit booking to edit the booking details.

Note: A booking can only be edited before it is sent for approval.

4. Booking Details

- Click on 'View details' on any booking of a lead to view all the booking details.

- It shows the complete information about the booking created along with the booking status and status history. 

- Authorized booking approvers for level 1 and level 2 can also approve or reject bookings from here. 

5. Steps To Create A New Booking

I. Click on the Create New Booking icon.

Note: This option is also available on the leads tab on the dashboard for users having 'team_lead' or above access.

II. Add all the 'Lead Details' in the booking form & then click the Next button.

While adding the Lead Details, the following details are required:

- Choose the project from the dropdown

- Lead mobile number

- Lead name

- Lead email ID

- Applicant details (if required)

Note: If the mobile number is already present in the project as an existing lead, the name and email will auto-populate.

III. Add Agent and Source Details, then click on the Next button.

The following details are required:

- Lead Owner

- Lead viewers (one or more)

- Source Group

- Source

- Sub Source

- Note

Note: If the customer is pre-existing, lead owner and source details will be auto-populated.

IV. Enter the Project & Unit details, then click on the 'Submit' button. Proceed to fee share and allocation.

The following details are required:

- Booking Date

- Building

- Booked Property

- Wing Name

- Floor Number

- Unit Number

- Carpet Area

- Agreement Value

- Discount/Premium

- Service Fee Adjustment


- After adding the agreement value, the service fee will be auto-calculated based on a service fee rule

- Adjustments can be made to the agreement values and service fee.

- Service fee rules are configured by the finance team on the mandate panel.

- Discount/premium can be applied on the agreement value and -/+ adjustments can be done on service fee as well with proper reason for the adjustment.

- A booking can be edited till it is not sent for approval. User role 'finance_team' can edit bookings always. 

- The lead source can be edited after the creation of the booking.

V. Add details for Fee & Allocation, then click on the Save button to create the booking.

6. Approve Or Reject Booking



- From the booking details, authorized level 1 and level 2 approvers can approve or reject the booking.

- On rejection, at both level 1 and level 2, the booking will go back to the sales agent and he needs to send it again for approval.

7. Steps To Downloading Bookings Dump CSV

8. Filters & Search


Leads on which bookings have been created can be filtered using the following filters:

- Mandate Filter: Leads from the chosen mandate are only displayed.

- Booking Status Filter: Leads can also be filtered based on the status of their bookings. Bookings can have the following status:

  • Newly Created
  • Awaiting at level 1
  • Rejected at level 1
  • Awaiting at level 2
  • Rejected at level 2
  • Approved at level 2

- Booking Date Filter: Leads can be filtered based on when the first booking was created on the lead.

You can also search the leads by their Name, Email ID, Lead ID, and Phone No from the Search bar.

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