You will get a quick snapshot of:

1. Uploading Channel Partners to the CP dashboard 

2. Transferring the CP

3. Changing priorities for CP

1. Channel Partner- Bulk Upload

Though the agents have the option to create an agent from the CP Sourcing App, Team Leads can also create new CPs by uploading the CPs in CSV format from the Channel Partner dashboard.

I. To upload the CP from the CP Dashboard, click on the ‘Upload’ button present above the CP Card. You can download the sample format of the CSV file to check the column details.

II. Download the Sample CSV file from the dropdown & add the CP details according to the downloaded Sample CSV file. 

Note: Adding CP Name, Firm Name, Country Code, & Phone Number are mandatory.

III. Go to the CP dashboard & click on the ‘Upload CP CSV’ from the pop-up.

IV. Click on the ‘Upload File’ button & select the CSV file.

V. Add the details for ‘CP & Firm Locality’, ‘Assignment’,  ‘Project’, & ‘Agents’. After adding all the details, click on the ‘Continue’ button.

CP & Firm Locality- Place where CPs are working

Assignment & Projects- CPs can only be distributed to the agents associated with the selected assignment & projects.

Agents- Select all the agents among which you want to distribute the CPs.

VI. Once the CPs will be added, you will get the confirmation above the CP details. You will also get the confirmation of the same in the ‘Notifications’ at the top right corner.

Please Note:

  • ‘File Parsing Error’ will appear if the added fields are incorrect in the CSV file.

  • At a time, you can add 1000 Channel Partners from the single CSV file. 

2. Channel Partner- Transfer

CP dashboard allows you to transfer the Channel Partner from 1 agent to another. Additionally, you can also transfer multiple CP at once.

I. Log in to the Channel Partner dashboard (


Alternatively, you can log in to the Anarock dashboard ( Click on the top right hamburger menu & navigate to the ‘Channel Partners’.

II. Select the project from the dropdown present at the top right corner.

Note: CP Transfer only works on a project level. It will not work if you have selected multiple projects.

III. To transfer the CP, click on the ‘Transfer’ option present above the CP Card.

IV. Select the CPs that you want to transfer to other agents.

V. After selecting the CP, click on the ‘Transfer Now’ button present at the bottom.

VI. A pop-up with multiple dropdowns will appear. From the dropdowns, choose the agents, & the reason behind the transfer, & then click on the ‘Transfer’ button.

Please Note: 

  • CP can not be transferred from the CP Sourcing app.

  • Only TL can transfer the CP to other agents from CP Dashboard.

  • More than 1 CP can be transferred to one or more agents. In the case of multiple CPs & agents, the CPs will be transferred equally to all the selected agents on a random basis.

3. Channel Partner- Change Priority

Similar to CP Transfer, you can change the priorities of 1 or more Channel Partners at once. It is one of the most crucial functionalities in the entire CP dashboard. It can be used for commissions, incentives, expectations, capabilities, & so on. 

I. To change the CP priority, click on the ‘Change Priority’ option present above the CP Card.

II. Select 1 or multiple CPs to change the priority.

III. After selecting the CP, click on the ‘Change Priority’ button present at the bottom.

IV. A pop-up having the fields for Priority Rating, Priority Access, & Notes will appear. Select the new priority rating, choose whether to change the priority across a single project or all projects, & add a note. 

V. After filling all the fields, click on the ‘Change Priority’ button to update the Priority rating for the Channel Partners.

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