Adding Project Details

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1. Adding a new project

2. Adding project details

3. Adding address & other details

4. Adding locality details

5. Duplicating a project

6. Deleting a project

7. Adding sales manager/team members to the new project

1. How to Add a New Project?

I. Login to the dashboard & go to the mandates by clicking on the ‘edit’ button.

II. If you have multiple projects in the mandate, then scroll down to the bottom of the page & click on the button ‘Add another project’.

III. Fill in all the required details.

Following are the mandatory details that you need to add while creating a new project:

- Project Details

- Address

- Google Maps URL

- City 

- Locality

2. Adding Project Details


  • Project Name: Enter the project name, that will be visible under the Mandate panel section.

  • RERA IDs: The RERA ID of the developer can be entered in this section.

3. Adding Address and Other Details

Once the project is created and given a name, you've to provide the Address, Google Maps URL of the project Location, and other optional details like a description of the project and USP.

Also, it's mandatory to provide the project city and locality.

  • Project Logo: Enter the project log and please make sure the file size should be a PNG of dimensions 100px * 100px.
  • Address: Provide the address of your project.
  • Google Maps URL: The Google Map URL will be pointing to the accurate project location.
  • Description: Details about your project whether it's residential, or commercial.
  • USP: It makes you different or sets you apart from all other real estate developers.

Note: All the details can be shared with the lead from the Sales application.

4. Adding Locality Details 


  • Select City & Select Locality: Tag the city name and the locality of the project.

  • Site registration SMS service: There are options to have communication triggers to sources of leads i.e. "Channel Partner" and "Referral". Any or both of these can be selected via the Site registration SMS service.

  • Site Visits from App: By using this checkbox, the site visit can be marked done from Sales Agent App. If you want to restrict the agent not to mark site visits done from the Sales app please Uncheck this flag. Or in case want to give access to the agent to mark the site visit done from the Sales app - Check this flag.

  • International Lead Flow: Allow cross-country lead flow using this flag (check if you want to allow it).

5. Duplicating a Project

You can easily duplicate any previously created project to save all the hassle of creating everything again from scratch.

It is mandatory for you to add the Project Name, Address, & Google Maps URL while duplicating any project.

Note: All the project settings will be copied while duplicating the project except the 'Booking approver L1 and L2 fields', 'Documents', and 'Rulebook field'.

6. Delete an Existing Project 

If you require to delete an existing project, click on the "Delete Project" at the right corner to make it inactive.

7. Adding Team Members to the New Project

Navigate to the 'Teams' section. Under the 'Team Members', search the name of the Sales Manager that you want to add under the respective Team Lead.


- Please ensure that the Sales Manager or Team Member that you are adding is not added to the previously added projects or other mandates.

- If the Sales Manager/Team Member is added to other projects or mandates, then you will receive an error while adding them to the new project.

- To avoid error, you have to first email our support team at to increase the mandate count for the Sales Manager/Team Member. The email must include the agent's name & email ID.

- Once the support team receives the email, they will increase the mandate count for the requested agent after which you will be successfully able to add to the new project.

Refer to "Creating and Managing Teams in Project" to know in detail about adding/removing TL or Team Members from the project.

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