You will be able to enter Call center Settings from here - Click to access 

Access role: super, assignment_owner, and assignment_runner will be able to add project details, and make changes.

The Section covers - 

  • Adding Campaigns IDs from Call Centre.
  • Customer Communication Triggers from Call Centre.
  • International lead flow in Call Centre.
  • Duration of rechurning of leads from Call Centre.
  • Set Up Call Center timings.

When Call Centre teams are running the campaigns on your project, (inbound or outbound) there are mandatory details to enter in Call Center Settings. 

note: If you don't have a call center setup in your organization or projects, this can be skipped.

The details you'll see when coming to 'Call Center Settings' are - 

  • Call Center Campaign id - Campaign ID is associated with your campaigns running i.e Inbound or Outbound.
  • Not Contacted Call Center Campaign id - The call center campaigns id for the leads on which calls were not able to connect.
    • Example: The call couldn't be connected from CC Agents due to the customer number being switched off, or not in the network area. Hence, the CC agents will be working on this and retry again.
  • Agent wise Call Center Campaign id - This campaign Id is specific to a set of few agents who will service leads on the project in the call center team.
    • Example: If there's a team of 3 agents for inbound or outbound call, the call center can run an individual campaign and assigns the call center id for the selected agents.
  • Customer Communication Triggers from Call Centre: There are customer communication triggers via SMS and Emails which are sent across upon various scenarios. You can find a list of those here --> Article to be linked.
    • You will be able to select the following communication triggers:
      • Send Call Center Mails - Check this if you want to send Call center emails.
      • Send Call Center Sms - Check this if you want to send Call center Sms. 
      • Send Call Center Sms, and Mail Automatically - Checking this will ensure that Call center Sms and emails will be triggered automatically.
  • International lead flow in Call Centre - Check this option if you want to transfer international leads to the Call center.

  • Duration to rechurning of leads from Call Centre: After marking the leads failed or Junk by the sales team, they will be transferred to the call center.
    • Example: If you want to transfer the leads after x number of days, enter the value. By entering 10 here will make sure the leads will be transferred after 1o days

  • Call Center Timings -  
    • Call center Working Starting Hour - Enter the Call Center starting hour.
    • Call center Working Closing Hour - Enter the Call Center closing hour.
    • Not Contacted Queue Starting Hour - User will define from what hour should CC start contacting leads who they have not contacted at all.
    • Hour Gap Between Not Contacted Calls - Number of hour gap between 2 not contacted queue campaigns.

            Note: These time values have an impact on the call center performance reports, so do set them properly.

Email IDs and Trigger Mails - 

Enter the email address of the user to whom you want to send out the lead reports.

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