Adding A New Employee & An Agent Profile

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Understand all the steps required for adding a new employee & an agent profile on the employee panel along with adding an agent & agent's phone number on the CloudAgent portal.

You will get quick snapshots of:

1. Adding employee & agent profile on the employee portal

2. Adding an agent on the CloudAgent portal

3. Adding a phone number of the agent

Adding Employee & Agent Profile On The Employee Portal

  1. Login to the employee panel (https://employee.<domain>/home).

  2. Click on the ‘Search User’ button.

  3. Click on the ‘New User’ option at the top.

  4. Add details such as name, email, phone number, country, & city, and then save it by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

  1. Now, you have to create a ‘call center agent profile’ by clicking on the ‘Create a new profile’ option.

  2. Add all the relevant details like profile type, reporting manager, department, designation, role, & call center agent ID.


Note: ‘Call center agent ID’ is case sensitive & it should be unique for each profile as the exact same ID will be used on the ‘Cloud Agent’ portal.

Adding An Agent On The CloudAgent Portal

  1. To add an agent, again click on the ‘Configuration’ & then select ‘Agents’ from the drop-down.

  2. Add the agent by clicking on the ‘Plus’ icon at the top right corner.

  3. Add the ‘Agent ID’.

Note: The Agent ID will be the ‘Call Center Agent ID’ that you have created while adding a call center agent profile in the ‘Employee Panel’.

  1. Add the ‘Password’ & ‘Agent Name’.

  2. Set the priority and email.

Note: 100 is the max priority.

  1. In the ‘Skills’, select the project relevant to your agent.

  2. Select ‘Agent Modes’ depending upon the requirement. 

  • Inbound Dial: Allow agents to receive the inbound calls.

  • Manual Dial: Allow the agent to choose or select the lead for the call.

  • Preview Dial: Allow the agent to see the lead details before he/she makes the call.

  • Progressive Dial: System automatically dials the next number on the list on completing the previous call.

  • Blended: Allow the agent to receive the inbound calls & make the outbound calls.

  1. Update the details by clicking on the ‘Save’ button.

Adding A Phone Number Of The Agent

  1. To add the phone number, click on the ‘Configuration’ & then select ‘Phone Numbers’ from the drop-down.

  2. Add the details by clicking on the ‘Plus’ icon at the top right corner. 

  3. Save the details like name, phone number, priority, & skills. 

Note: The phone number can be different from the number added by you on ‘Employee Panel’. This phone number can be used to log in to the CloudAgent & to make calls. However, you can only log in to the dashboard using the phone number added on the Employee Portal’.

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