What you can learn in this article - 

    1. Creating a direct lead - From Claimed & Interested Bucket.

    2. Creating a Channel Partner lead.

Creating a direct lead - 

You can create a lead in either the Claimed or Interested buckets, by tapping on the add button on the lower right-hand side of the app screen. 

Create a lead from Claimed Bucket -   

Create a lead from Interested Bucket -   

On the subsequent page, you'll need to enter the name and phone number of the lead, followed by the project to which the lead will be assigned and the source.

Note: If you choose 'referral' as the source, you'll also need to enter the name and phone number of the referrer.

Click on 'Create Leadonce done.

Creating a Channel Partner lead - 

You can create the Channel Partner lead by tapping on the same 'add' button in the Claimed or Interested buckets.

Select the 'Channel Partner' option at the top of the screen.

Note - 

  • It's mandatory to also enter the name of the lead that the Channel Partner will be representing. At this point, you do not have to enter the lead's phone number. 
  • Phone calls made from the app will be dialed to the Channel Partner's number unless the lead's phone number has also been saved.